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At Alpha Labour Solutions we understand the competitive advantage selecting the best staff members for your business provides.  


Selecting an employee is no small matter, as the consequences of "getting it wrong" can be time consuming and costly.  The process should be handled carefully.  


Unfortunately, many employers make their final staff selection decision without having included background checks or tests.  At times, this results in nasty suprises down the line, when the employee is already entrenched in employment.


For this reason, we believe verification services are essential, as they provide our clients with critical, factual information to consider during the recruitment process.


We urge you to consider our range of services, brought to you in conjunctioin with a leading employee screening organisation.

On - Line Verification Check Request

Just Click on the link below and follow the instructions to conduct your verification check

Please remember that the verification results are not immediate as proper checks have to be conducted.

Verification checks can only be done with the approval of the individual concerned - they have to sign a form authorising you to request the background check.

To commence with your on - line verification check request, please click on the link below:


By clicking on this link, you acknowledge that you understand there is a cost associated with these checks, and accept that Alpha Labour Solutions Payment Terms are strictly 7 days.

We trust that you fill find this service efficient and useful, but welcome your feedback on any ways we can improve your experience. Please feel free to e-mail admin@alphalabour.co.za with your feedback or for further information.

Value Added Services

Get the Full Picture


Alpha Labour Solutions strives to provide out clients with a complete and specialist service.


Our verification services complement our specialist recruitment and industrial relations services, all geared to provide our clients with the quality employees they need to give them a competitive advantage.

Our Verification Services

Risk Assessment110
Verification of ID Number30
Verification of personal bank account details66
Credit Check  Std (XDS)60
Credit Check Std (Transunion)60
Credit Check Std (Compuscan)60
Credit Check Detailed (Compuscan)115
Drivers Licence Verification100
PDP verification100
Outstanding Traffic Fines130
Deeds Office - Property Search
Directorship Search (CIPC)(Conf of Company Reg No)70
Vehicle Ownership/Registration100
Verification of Association/Industry Registration60
Marital Status
Court Cases - Listing of Court Records
CCMA Records60
Permanent Residence130
SA Passport170
Work Permit (No Printout)130
SA Tertiary Qualification Verification (*Subject to additional institution fee - excluded)130*
SA Matric Post 92 Standard Confirmation130
Full Verification (subjects and symbols achieved Post 1992) (*Subject to institution fee of R65 excluded)160*
Matric Certificate Qualification Pre 1992160
Company Credit Check - Standard167
Company Credit Check - Detailed335
CIPC search (company registration number)80
BBEEE Certificate Verification70
Verification of Company Bank Account Details64
Verification of SARS Tax Clearance Certificate122
Numeracy TestsTBA
Literacy TestsTBA
Happiness QuestionnairesTBA
Ethics QuestionnaireTBA
BIP - Basic Intergrity ProfileTBA
GIP - General Intergrity profileTBA
BAP - Basic Aptitude Profile


DAP - Drive Assessment ProfileTBA
IMI - Integrity Measurement InstrumentTBA
PEP - Practical English ProficiencyTBA
SAP - Security Officer Assessment Profile TBA
RAP - Rehabilitation Assessment ProfileTBA
CAP - Comprehensive Assessment ProfileTBA
COPAS - Cognitive & Potential AssessmentTBA
CULTEG - Culture of Integrity Profile
Short PAW - Short Personality at Work AssessmentTBA
IP - 200 - Integrity Profiles
MAIN PAW - Personality At WorkTBA

Please note that the above costs exclude courier costs or additional fees charged by the Department of Education unless indicated

To request an on - line verification check, please click on the link below.  

In doing so, you accept that all checks carry an associated cost (see above) and that Alpha Labour Solutions' Payment Terms are strictly 7 days. You will be directed to the iFacts webpage where you will be provided with prompts and further instructions.


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