Working with your recruitment agency

As a recruitment agency we receive thousands of CV’s from applicants, all seeking that perfect job. Make sure you put a clear description of the position you are applying for in your email header – avoid the general, vague titles we sometimes see, such as “Seeking Job” or “Application for Employment”.  Rather be specific, for example, “Qualified, experienced electrician seeking work in Johannesburg”.

Obviously, if you are applying for a specific position off our website at for example, use the specific job title in respect of which you are submitting your application.

As a recruitment business, Alpha Labour Solutions is very people orientated – we LOVE placing deserving candidates in a job that we know will be a “win-win” placement for both the candidate and our client (the company for whom we are recruiting). There are various ways in which you can be a standout candidate and better your chances, one of them being to help us as the recruitment agency to get you across the desk of our client as quickly as possible.

Many do not realise how the recruitment business works. Very simply, we have clients who contact us when they have a staff vacancy they wish us to fill. These clients may contact other agencies too and so the race is on in a competitive environment – agencies need to work very quickly to submit CV’s of our candidates to our client before someone else does! However, we will never submit CVs that are not complete as the quality of our candidates (the fit for the job) is critical.

Candidates can help by ensuring that when they apply for a job through Alpha Labour Solutions, that they submit as much information on their CV as possible on the first submission - and that it is completely accurate. This includes precise dates you started and finished particular jobs over the years and some detail of the work that you did. Clients want to see if there are any gaps in your work career, so show those too and provide an explanation.

We shortlist suitable candidates on the quality of their application. Our consultant may request further information from you and if shortlisted you will be interviewed by our consultant. The quicker you respond to the consultant’s requests for information or an interview appointment, the better for you.

By providing detailed information on you application and also responding to our consultants as quickly as possible, our turnaround time is quicker and we can get your CV to our clients as quickly as possible and hopefully ahead of candidates from other agencies.

In short, time is of the essence and by following the advice above, you as an applicant can influence the process in your favour and help us to help you.

Wayne Bolton
Managing Director
Alpha Labour Solutions



Our Managing Director, Wayne Bolton, was invited to cycle as part of the SANParks Team

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img5766 copy
img5772 copy

One Land love it expedition


Our Managing Director Wayne Bolton, has just returned from an epic expedition - 1 Cyclist - 6000kms - 80 Days - 19 National Parks

This started at the end of November 2015 and finished on the 13 February 2016! He cycled approximately 6000kms around South Africa to raise awareness and funds for conservation - a project which is endorsed by SANParks.

For more information, visit

If you would like to support this initiative - please spread the news by following Wayne on Twitter at @onelandloveit and likeing his FaceBook page at 

In so doing, you can join us in doing your bit to make a change - to protect our natural heritage.


Photos by Riaan Miles of IT Design

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This MOVEMBER Alpha Labour Solutions needs YOUR help....

Good Day Team!


For the third consecutive year, Alpha Labour Solutions is running a Movember Campaign in support of the fight against men's cancer and mental health issues. 


The primary objective of the global MOVEMBER campaign is to draw attention to the these ailments and the need for preventative measures, all in the interest of men's health.  However, we would also like to raise some money for the cause from donations - preferably corporate donations.  However, you do NOT have to donate, to participate.


The Movember movement spans 21 countries and had 4 million participants in 2013. They raised R5.6 BILLION Rand internationally in 2013.  This was used to fund 800 world class research programmes to find solutions to cancer and mental health issues in men. Not bad for a movement which started around a braai for fun...


Alpha Labour Solutions is a small but growing company, that believes in making a difference in the lives of people. We do this through partnerships.


Our team, the Alpha Labour Solutions Bros aims to rank as one of the top contributors to the campaign in South Africa this year, but to do this we need YOUR help for this good cause.


To Participate you MUST REGISTER ON-LINE by  following these easy steps:  (this won't take more than 2 minutes)


If you are willing to support this good cause, click on this address and follow the prompts:


  • Once the page opens, click on "Sign Up" on the top right of the page
  • Enter a username (e-mail address) and password
  • VERY IMPORTANT: when prompted with "How will you participate?" please click on "Join a Team"
  • Enter "Alpha Labour Solutions Bros" in the pop up search window and click on the magnifying glass - select our group.
  • Lastly, enter your Surname, Name etc.
  • Click on donate IF you wish to donate (this is also a very quick credit card process which immediately generates a receipt for tax purposes). NB If you don't wish to donate, please don't let this put you off registering - you can still participate even if you don't donate - our primary aim is awareness. However, if you are willing to donate, this would be much appreciated.



Please note:


  • You participate by having your "last shave" on the morning of the 1 November 2014. Mo Bros (men):  grow your moustache for the full month of November (or as long as you can take it...). You are welcome to make it a full beard too. Mo Sistas (women) - we won't hold you to this... However, the campaign is for men and women. Mo Sistas, support the Bros.
  • Please register by the end of October 2014 if possible, although it is not too late to register in November.
  • We would love to see photos of your "tache" posted on our Team Page as you progress, or at the end, to get some team spirit going!
  • Do you know of other people or corporates who would support this cause? I am willing to speak to any corporate contacts to explain the initiative.
  • Please remember your registration should be under our team name: Alpha Labour Solutions Bros



This is a good cause and we can all participate in a fun, light hearted way.  Making a difference has never been so easy.


Come on South Africans - let's make this happen! Your support would be appreciated.


Thank you.



Kind Regards


Mo Bro Wayne Bolton

Team Captain: Alpha Labour Solutions Bros


8th July 2014

Alpha Labour Solutions held an Industrial Relations Coffee Break at the Ibhayi Guest Lodge at which the main topics discussed were disciplinary action and gender equality.

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mimg0336jpg sun international
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mimg0341 copy

Alpha Labour Solutions Pty Ltd held an Industrial Relations Coffee Break at the Ibhayi Guest Lodge on the 8th of July 2014.


Wayne Bolton, MD at Alpha Labour Solutions, had an introductory talk "When Disciplinary Action Makes Cents" in which he discussed disciplinary action and how it can improve the work environment. "Management must have a balance between motivation and discipline, and there must be synergy within an organisation in order to have a competitive advantage", stated Bolton.


Louise Baine, a Facilitator at Global Business Solutions, spoke on Women Empowerment and the Gender Equality Bill. Government is allegedly pushing for this Bill to become an Act because studies show that economies with female involvement have more growth. The discussion point was whether it would be preferable  to strengthen existing legislation rather than to create a new act.


The IR Coffee Break is a recurring event and any persons interested in attending future IR Coffee Breaks can contact Nikki Bolton at:

Article written by Zimkita Mantambo

(PR Intern)


team building

Addo Elephant National Park

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mimg9623 copy
mimg9618 copy

staff braai


mimg9563 copy
mimg9572 copy
mimg9566 copy
mimg9565 copy
mimg9567 copy
mimg9561 copy


Our Industrial Relations Division hosted an IR Coffee Break at Ibhayi which was most informative and enjoyed by all who attended

pic 6 min
pic 5 min
pic 1 min
pic 2 min
pic 3 min
pic 4 min


Team Alpha Labour Solutions Bros

Consider joining our Team for a good cause in 2014

New Office Opening November 2012

Thank you to our wonderful clients, friends and associates for your support in 2012!

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HR Conference at VW - October 2013

Alpha Labour Solutions awesome display - well done Team!


Preferred Supplier for Coega

Making a difference with quality candidates


Alpha Labour Solutions was successful in being awarded a tender to meet the recruitment needs of the Coega Development Corporation.

Update: New Labour Legislation

Courtesy of APSO 16 July 2014

At the most recent NEDLAC Labour Market Chamber meeting, the following feedback was given on the labour legislation amendments:

  • Employment Equity Act Amendments. The regulations have passed through NEDLAC. The proposal of the Department of Labour (DoL) on National and Regional Economic Population was removed. DoL still aiming for June / July 2014 enactment although this date will be unlikely to be met in our opinion.
  • Employment Services Act. No update on the implementation date. DoL still aiming for June / July 2014 although this date will be unlikely to be met in our opinion. APSO, under the auspices of CAPES, continues to meet regularly with colleagues from Department of Labour: Employment Services, and will continue to keep members posted on any developments.
  • Basic Conditions of Employment Act Amendment Bill. DoL is still aiming for June / July 2014 although this date will be unlikely to be met in our opinion.
  • Labour Relations Act Amendment Bill. This is still a Bill. The regulations on the Act still have to be submitted to NEDLAC Labour Market Chamber in June / July. The Bill is with the President but regulations will still have to go through NEDLAC. There was no debate on the revisiting of certain aspects of the LRA Bill and the DoL is very silent in this regard. APSO will continue to keep close to this process and update members.
  • On the WEGE ( Women and Gender Empowerment ) Bill. Government has informed us that there is no change. The general view is that the Bill will not move forward. Please remember that both labour and business are opposed to this Bill.

The social partners have also raised major problems with the Immigration Regulations as these were pushed through without any consultation at NEDLAC. These regulations are creating practical problems with obtaining work permits for scarce skills.


Lodge on Main




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