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BY Wayne Bolton

As a recruitment agency we receive thousands of CV’s from applicants, all seeking that perfect job. Make sure you put a clear description of the position you are applying for in your email header – avoid the general, vague titles we sometimes see, such as “Seeking Job” or “Application for Employment”.  Rather be specific, for example, “Qualified, experienced electrician seeking work in Johannesburg”.

Obviously, if you are applying for a specific position off our website at for example, use the specific job title in respect of which you are submitting your application.

As a recruitment business, Alpha Labour Solutions is very people orientated – we LOVE placing deserving candidates in a job that we know will be a “win-win” placement for both the candidate and our client (the company for whom we are recruiting). There are various ways in which you can be a standout candidate and better your chances, one of them being to help us as the recruitment agency to get you across the desk of our client as quickly as possible.

Many do not realise how the recruitment business works. Very simply, we have clients who contact us when they have a staff vacancy they wish us to fill. These clients may contact other agencies too and so the race is on in a competitive environment – agencies need to work very quickly to submit CV’s of our candidates to our client before someone else does! However, we will never submit CVs that are not complete as the quality of our candidates (the fit for the job) is critical.

Candidates can help by ensuring that when they apply for a job through Alpha Labour Solutions, that they submit as much information on their CV as possible on the first submission - and that it is completely accurate. This includes precise dates you started and finished particular jobs over the years and some detail of the work that you did. Clients want to see if there are any gaps in your work career, so show those too and provide an explanation.

We shortlist suitable candidates on the quality of their application. Our consultant may request further information from you and if shortlisted you will be interviewed by our consultant. The quicker you respond to the consultant’s requests for information or an interview appointment, the better for you.

By providing detailed information on you application and also responding to our consultants as quickly as possible, our turnaround time is quicker and we can get your CV to our clients as quickly as possible and hopefully ahead of candidates from other agencies.

In short, time is of the essence and by following the advice above, you as an applicant can influence the process in your favour and help us to help you.

Wayne Bolton
Managing Director
Alpha Labour Solutions

 January 27, 2018
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Wayne Bolton

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